Corporate Management Services

  • Organizing financial management and accounting
  • Control over various commitments and their implementation
  • Arranging the processes of entering into contracts or entering into contracts with special authorisations
  • Personnel recruitment and resolving issues related to management
  • Arranging cooperation with clients and purveyors
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Representation
  • Managing project planning and implementation
  • Regulating the company’s internal processes
  • Compiling overviews of processes and economic situations
  • Establishing and analysing the budget
  • Analysis of the company’s economic risks arising from laws and other legislations, the company statutes, decisions of the Council, decisions of the general meeting and contracts. Including, but not only, acting at the request of the Client on positions of responsibility of either the Client or a company indicated by the Client, on the time and amount specified by the Client (council, management etc.)
  • Executing strategic planning
  • Long-term planning of activities, managing and carrying out inspections
  • Acquiring licences
  • Acquiring authorisations

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